40 Reasons to get a Facial


Before I began my NVQ in Beauty Therapy, having never had a facial I will be honest - I wasn't 100% sure what it included other than a facial massage and a bunch of products applied! While I was undergoing my training I was astounded by the number of benefits receiving a facial has and how the products chosen are specifically chosen to your skin type. Facials are recommended once a month and not only have short term benefits during and straight after the facial, but regular treatment can have so many long term benefits.  Facials are a great treat for yourself or an amazing present for a loved one.

40 Reasons to get a Facial

  1. Identifies your skin type - this will help you chose specially formulated products that will benefit your skin the most as identified by a professional
  2. Allowing you to choose better make-up suited specifically for your skin type (as identified by a professional)
  3. Increased circulation to the skin can increase cell nutrition and regeneration, as well as increase elimination of waste from the skin’s tissues
  4. Dead skin cells which are blocking the pores of the skin can be loosened by massage and the blood supply can flow more freely to feed the skin with nutrients
  5. An hour of stress-free, relaxing pampering
  6. Professional advice regarding your current and advised skin care routine
  7. Blemishes can be extracted in a hygienic, sterile and professional environment - instead of squeezing at home in the mirror with dirty hands!
  8. Skin undergoes a professional and deep cleanse removing any dirt that lies on the surface and can’t be simply tackled by a face-wipe - these include, sebum, sweat and dead skin cells along with some surface secretions associated with bacteria and fungi
  9. The skin is exfoliated to remove any dead skin cells
  10. Pores are opened by a hot towel and black heads and blocked pores are removed
  11. Regular facials can reduce occurrence of blemishes
  12. Professional advice about why your skin acts and reacts the way it does
  13. Diet and lifestyle advice to improve your skins condition
  14. Facial massage can have a very positive effect on assisting lymphatic flow - this accelerates the removal of toxins and fluid from the facial area
  15. General swelling and puffiness can be reduced due to the increase of fluids from the tissues
  16. Increase absorption of waste matter aids cell renewal leaving your skin softer and smoother
  17. Relaxation of muscles through facial massage will allow lymphatic drainage to work more efficiently
  18. A facial treatment on a normal skin will maintain the skin’s pH balance and protect it from damage
  19. A facial treatment on a dry skin aims to help balance the moisture and oil of the skin, soften the texture of the skin, hydrate and moisturise.
  20. The aim of a treatment on an oily skin is to help balance it by bringing the oil secretions under control by thorough cleaning and exfoliation. 
  21. The aim of treating sensitive skin is to soothe and calm the skin
  22. Hot towels stimulate sweat glands to help eliminate waste sitting in the skins surface
  23. Hot towels soften oily deposits in the pores making skin blockages such as blackheads or blemishes to removed more easily
  24. Hot towels increase circulation to bring nutrients to the skin
  25. A deep clean, cleansed skin will function more efficiently and effectively
  26. Un-cleansed skin can lead to the formation of skin blemishes, a facial can prevent potential dirt sitting in the skin that will later lead to blemishes or blackheads 
  27. Facial massage maintains the tone of underlying muscle keeping your face firm
  28. Facial massage aids normal functioning of oil and fluid balance of the skin
  29. Maintains the tone of the skin - aids natural elasticity which can prevent wrinkles
  30. Increases blood circulation to the face leaving skin looking plump and youthful
  31. Muscle fibres become relaxed and their tone is improved. The trapezius massage covers the upper back and shoulders and the back and sides of the neck. The muscle becomes hard and develops tension nodules which can be felt along the upper fibres of the back in clients who are tired or stressed - massage helps to release the knotted muscle fibres and restore there parallel formation. This breaks p tension nodules and increases the supply of blood to the muscle
  32. Specific taught massage techniques stimulate the superficial nerve endings causing temporary toning and tightening of the skin
  33. Removes static lymph from tissues e.g. stimulate and enhance the non-existent circulation in a saggy neck/chin found on a more mature client, increases elasticity
  34. Face mask to draw out any stubborn and/or risidual impurities in the skin
  35. Face mask to nourish and refine the skin
  36. Face mask to hydrate the skin
  37. Facemask to tighten and tone the skin
  38. Skin ‘glows’ from stimulation
  39. Facial massage relieves stress from the body by relaxing muscles and mind
  40. Leave the salon feeling fresh, revitalised, relaxed and happy! A great way to start or end any day.

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Why I joined Arbonne


After seeing the success of those with the Arbonne business on my Facebook feed I couldn’t help but want to know more about the company. Fast forward a few weeks and I have now become an Arbonne Independent Consultant and will be using their make-up and eventually expanding to skincare with my clients. 

I attended a make-up evening hosted by Charlie-Ann Dransfield, an Arbonne independent consultant, where she talked us through the Arbonne business, the products she had and how she uses them on a make-up, which she then showed us in a demo.

I was so impressed that by simply knowing what goes into your products, how they effect the skin, the ingredients and the better alternatives that there are avaliable, Charlie looked ten times more professional as a make-up artist. She really knew her stuff and it made me pay more attention as I was so interested by the facts I never knew about the beauty industry. I was drawn to every word she said as it all made perfect sense and made me question why I have never given a second thought to the products I am putting on my skin.

She talked about mineral oils (the layer of thick gunk on top of petrol tankers that can't be sold as fuel so gets sold to the manufactures of the beauty products on our shelves!) and how they are being used in cheap make-ups and lotions as a filler to increase the volume of the product - meaning the actual percentage of what you think you’re buying is shockingly so low! A £2 shampoo bottle for example can be up to 70% mineral oils, it makes you wonder why you would buy such a cheap product in the first place. This then justified, in my head, why the catalogue I was browsing of Arbonne products, were mid-range prices (£20-25 per product) - because the product on the label is 100% in the bottle! 

Charlie posed a really interesting question “If your lipstick isn’t lasting all day, where is it going? Realistically, you’re eating it. And do you know what’s in that lipstick that you’re eating? Most likely no.” This really made me think! Every time I have done my make-up since I have been thinking about what’s really in the products I’m using. How advertising can make you think a product is doing exactly what it said on the tin. How a television advert saying the purest, most refreshing make-up wipes will do wonders for your skin, but in reality the harsh chemicals in the wipes needed to remove make-up by companies looking to spend as little as possible to manufacture their products, aren’t doing any good for your skin. (Arbonne does an excellent make-up remover - chemical free!)

For these reasons, and so many more Charlie talked about, I was really impressed and immediately wanting to try all the Arbonne products - Vegan and 100% plant based! Plus the obvious added bonus of zero animal testing. I have seen many a Facebook post about MAC products, are they animal tested or not - having been told it is only animal tested in the USA but not in the UK - how do I really feel about that? Having two dogs myself, the pain and horror those animals go through just for a pretty lipstick is definitely not worth it, as I can’t bare to imagine my fluffy babies going through that!

With the constant battle of always having that one annoying blemish, having used the Arbonne range since, while applying the make-up I now feel so much better about having this kind product on my skin, and don’t feel guilty about layering it up if I’m looking for a heavy coverage! I feel like these products, with time, will help with my breakouts, if not prevent them totally! 

I am excited to offer my clients a full Vegan range, guaranteeing no whale blubber in the lipsticks, any use of Tallow (an ingredient produced by rendering animal fat) or Collegen, also from animal fat, and many more. My Arbonne journey begins by purchasing the full make-up range meaning a look can be created from start to finishing using Arbonne products. 

I was really impressed by the evening Charlie hosted and it has inspired me to give my clients the same feeling after having spoken with myself in future. I am excited to start my journey and am feeling uplifted by having some real hard facts hit me about the beauty industry that I ought to be really considering to include in my practise - heres to the start of an exciting business venture!


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Why choose wax?

After completing my waxing training, we of course had two days of practical - on each other! In the past I have only ever had my legs and bikini area waxed - something I both found painful, sore and an experience I was dreading the next time around and so never kept up!

I expressed this with my beauty therapy trainer, Helen, to which she replied - waxing should never traumatise a client - or you're doing it wrong!

Helen taught us two types of waxing - both with speed and pain free techniques embezzled. In one day I had my full legs waxed, underarms (which I was terrified about!) and bikini area. All of which I can say I would happily have repeated all over again any day! I couldn't believe what a positive experience I'd had with the tips Helen showed us. And not only that - the ladies who were waxing me were training too so had zero experience, and even then was still expertly done!

We are taught to use the quickest method of applying and removing wax to minimise the total time you are in the salon being waxed - an obvious method to minimise the trauma! The warm waxed used, and that I have purchased for my clients, is a lavender wax. It has ingredients that cools the skin, is great for sensitive skin and smells great. We are also taught all sorts of methods to pull the skin taut while waxing which if you've ever been waxed you'll know it's the worst thing when the skin pulls at the end just as the end of the wax strip comes off!

We also got taught how to use hot wax - a different type of wax than one applied and taken off with paper/cotton and this was the type of wax that was used on my underarms. As I lay there dreading the pain no doubt sweating with fear I was assured it would hurt no where near as I was anticipating - but of course you never believe it!

Hot wax is a thick, toffee like wax that is applied in a thick small area and then left to set and harden. The wax then becomes solid and one edge is teased up to create a tab to pull. It is then removed and the hairs are removed. Hot wax is great for intimate areas or areas known to be extra sensitive (its also great for bikini area for the same reasons) as there are no paper towelling strips involved. As the wax hardens and sets, it sets around the hairs, embedding them into the wax and leaving the skin out of the equation. This means that when the wax is removed it tugs on only the hairs and not the skin which sometimes gives that painful tear. It is not the hairs that are sensitive in these areas that need worrying about but the skin. Therefore take the skin out of the procedure and you have pain free (virtually) waxing! I can 100% say I would have zero fear if I knew in 2 seconds I was having both underarms waxed. 

As for the results. I have found my bikini area and under arms have grown back totally different than they do after shaving. On my underarms I have no 5 o'clock shadow that dark hairs can give the skin, as the roots of the hairs are so dark. I had never thought about the effect shaving has on the appearance of the hairs. Imagine when you get a hair cut how blunt and thick the end of your hair looks if you get a straight cut? That's more or less why hairs grow back in an ugly, blunt, dark fashion that they do after shaving. The regrowth I had (even after my first wax!) were soft, wispy, featherlight hairs that appeared a lot lighter than usual - and no shadow! From a distance you would not think my underarms had regrowth despite the fact they were totally hairy! I couldn't believe the difference, which definitely made me think the daunting task of letting hairs grow ready for your next wax 100 times more bearable.

My legs have been smooth since and I have had minimal regrowth. The tiny hairs that have come back, again, are wispy and soft. None of the hideous, rough regrowth you get after shaving! Even though the hairs all over me are growing back, there's no horrible stubble stage where I feel like I need to shave but can't find the effort to do it every other day! 3 weeks of hair-free, soft, smooth legs. It has also meant my fake-tan lasts longer as I am not having to run the risk of removing tan every time I shave and I've also found my legs to be softer and less dry as waxing removes the top layer of dead skin - leaving you with freshly exfoliated skin.

I couldn't believe the benefits I achieved from waxing and how comfortable throughout the waxing I felt. The cooling lotion after the wax smelt amazing and made my legs feel soft and soothed. I now don't think I could ever go back to shaving as I couldn't even think of a benefit of shaving now other than the speed of shaving. But as a mobile waxer I'm hoping clients will see it as a convenient hour in their evening to become amazingly hair free and reap the benefits!

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Why don't I look the same as that girl on YouTube?



I would definitely say that as social media grows and the internet becomes the source for everything, there is definitely a lot of information out there with tips to do your own make-up. YouTube videos, blogs, Instagram accounts - they're everywhere! The thing I've always found is that it never looks exactly the same on me as it does on the girl in the video. It reminds me of watching Art Attack as a kid and wondering why my paper mache mess looks nothing like what's on TV.

After studying make-up professionally I now understand why. I never knew the depths or the logic behind make-up and definitely did not anticipate the amount of learning I would need to be able to complete a make-up on every type of client. How different face shapes look good with different looks, that my face needs different contouring to someone with an oval face shape. That different skin tones look best with different shades of blushers and bronzers, why my eye shape doesn't suit heavy eyeliner and that certain eyeshadows work better with my eye colour than others. I was simply watching generic YouTube videos and wondering why my results weren't the same. 

I have loved learning about how to tailor a make-up to an individual person and how to bring out the best bits of someone's appearance and how to best hide their flaws. I find colour correction fascinating having learnt how to finally get rid of grey under-eye bags and minimise the redness of a life-ruining blemish!

There is so much to learn about make-up and every day it seems there is some new trend - a new brush, beauty blender or technique that's all the rage. I am forever learning and find it so interesting learning new tips and tricks that tailor to my face and others.

I have already learnt so much and in class faced so many challenges. Eyeliner looks on clients with hooded eyelids, a heavy powdered look on a client with dry skin, a black smokey eye on a client with fair skin and blonde hair - all of which have been massive hurdles but with the help of my professional make-up teachers - whether it be a secret product, a tip, trick or technique or just the science behind it, combine with plenty of trial and error and I have managed to combat all these issues, achieved amazing results and really impressed myself (and my model!)

I have never myself thought before to have my make-up done by a professional but after going through myself the training they receive to be able to do their job I definitely would have sooner if I knew the tips and tricks they possessed. How do I cover this spot, baring in mind my skin type and what are the best products for me? How to I get my foundation to stay on all day? What shape false eyelashes best suit my face? Why when I do a smokey eye do my eyes look 10x smaller?

Some make-up artists claim 50% of a make-up is the skin care before hand. No make-up is complete without the perfect base, making the skin look flawless. Knowing the right products and what skin type they best suit are essential to great skin care and therefore a perfect base. I have been taught the tricks of the trade and have been recommended some great products by professionals and I was astonished by the results. This, combined with the training from my beauty therapy course and I now know I'm only scratching the surface of skin care - there is so much to learn and it effects every make-up decision you make. I have begun learning the ins and outs of skin care, skin types and why whatever is happening with our skin, is a physical representation of what's going on inside our bodies.

I would definitely recommend booking in with a make-up artist as you will definitely go away having learnt something about your own skin that will improve your make-up for the rest of your life. A professional can analyse your skin in comparison to every other client they've seen and use products they've tried and tested and seen results from. YouTube can give you some great advice but what better than a tailored one-to-one session with a professional.