A facial has numerous benefits to a client's skin. A facial aims to improve the appearance and texture of a client's skin, reduce minor skin imperfections and identify your skin type (which is amazing for then choosing the right daily moisturiser, reducing the risk of getting blemishes and/or dry skin and enables you to even identify the type of make-up you should be using). It is also incredibly relaxing and includes a face and neck massage to begin and end the facial.



Total time: 1 hour 15

(15 minute consultation max pp. 1 hour facial min. pp)

The basic steps that are included in every facial:

  • Consultation - find out any issues you want to combat with your skin, how your skin feels and reacts to different products you use and any allergies or conditions you have.
  • Cleansing the skin - the skin shouldn't be deep cleansed everyday as it gets rid of the natural oils your skin produces and opens your skin up to bacteria, which is why its perfect to book in for a facial so that it can be cleansed in the right environment to reduce the risk of more blemishes or dirt getting to the skin! A cleanse gets rid of all the dirt in your skin, clogged pores and removes make-up. The cleansing routine involves a mini facial massage as an extra bonus!
  • Toning - refreshes the skin and gets rid of any impurities left after cleansing.
  • Skin diagnosis - this is where I can use my professionally trained eye to take a look at your skin and see how it has reacted to the cleanse, whether the skin is dry, dehydrated, oily or a combination of all! As mentioned before, this is where you can tell me how your skin reacts to everyday products and we can together work out what you should and shouldn't be using in order to give you the best skin possible.
  • Exfoliation - based on the skin diagnosis the following products will be chosen depending on your skin type - an exfoliation will get rid of any dead skin cells and loosen any blackheads ready for removal.
  • Hot towels - these are a great gentle way to open the pores and relieve the skin of any trapped dirt, it's also very relaxing! 
  • Extraction - once the pores are open from the hot towels and any whiteheads have presented themselves it's time to remove the impurities! Popping spots and squeezing blackheads is advisable not to do in your own home as you leave the pores open, open the wounds for further infection and you could damage the skin and/or cause scarring. Within a facial the products use are all used to ensure no further bacteria are getting into your pores and they are closed and soothed afterwards with a cooling aloe vera gel, plus a gentle method of rolling the skin to remove impurities instead of a rough 'squeeze'.
  • Massage - the best bit! Sit back and relax for a chest, shoulder, neck and facial massage with your choice of either a sweet coconut oil or massage cream.
  • Face Mask - a suited mask to your skin type, which sometimes can be oily around the nose and dry on the cheeks therefore two different types of masks are applied, allowing you to relax after your massage while they work their magic.
  • Moisturise - Keep that moisture in the skin! Keep the skin looking plump, refresh and healthy with a moisturiser suited to your skin type.
  • After care - Eye cream and lip balm to keep you fresh and lock in the moisture and goodness of the facial.